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WOWSA 3.0 – Equipment

WOWSA 3.1 – All escort and safety craft shall refrain from navigating through a pack of athletes at all times unless the recognized safety personnel must respond to an emergency. If any escort or safety craft impedes another athlete, the escort boat’s athlete will be immediately disqualified.

WOWSA 3.2 – Athletes may wear any number of swim caps, goggles, heart rate monitors, wristwatches, protective swimwear (including full-length swimsuits), and wetsuits of any thickness or composition as the event permits. However, awards must be separately offered for athletes who wear only FINA-legal swimsuits, one swim cap, goggles and/or ear and/or nose plugs.

WOWSA 3.3 – Athletes may use fins, snorkels, swim streamers, Shark Shields® or other shark repellent or protective equipment, hand paddles, safety rings, booties or any kind of Swimmer Safety Devices as they require or desire and which is allowed by the local governing body or race director. However, athletes using these types of equipment shall not be eligible for the same awards as athletes who wear only FINA-legal swimsuits, one swim cap, goggles and/or ear and/or nose plugs.

WOWSA 3.4 – Athletes may wear any type of sunscreen or skin lubrication including lanolin, Vaseline® or any other kind of commercial skin protection on any part of their body.

WOWSA 3.5 – Athletes are encouraged to remove jewelry, necklaces, rings, and wristwatches during the event. The Referee may require removal of all jewelry including wristwatches and rings during the race if he so wishes.

WOWSA 3.6 – The course is best marked with a combination of Turn Buoys and Guide Buoys of different colors, sizes and shapes on the course if possible. The Turn Buoys should be larger and more easily seen as these buoys indicate a turn or change of direction and can only be navigated on either the left side or right side of the athletes. The Guide Buoys should be smaller as these buoys are simply aids in helping swimmers understand the course layout. The Guide Buoys can be navigated on either side by the athletes. If possible, the Turn Buoys should be marked consecutively by numbers in the case of a point-to-point course.

WOWSA 3.7 – WOWSA encourages its sanctioned events to use timing systems with transponders or timing chips. If such a system is not used, stopwatches with memory and print out capability are strongly encouraged.

WOWSA 3.8 – WOWSA encourages its sanctioned events to use a video-recording device at the start of the event to record the athletes getting into the water. It also encourages use of a video-recording device at the finish of the event.

WOWSA 3.9 – WOWSA encourages the use of social media and pre- and post-race press releases to promote its sanctioned events. It encourages press releases that include photographs and the official results of at least the top 5 in each division.

WOWSA 3.10 – WOWSA encourages the use of aerial photography and videography of its sanctioned events to provide to the media.

WOWSA 3.11 – Athletes are permitted to carry their own fuel (e.g., gel packs) in their swimsuits or swim caps.


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