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WOWSA 21.0 – Miscellaneous

WOWSA 21.1 – Contiguous Solo Crossing Relays are swimming events where a number of athletes completes consecutive point-to-point solo swims or circumnavigations of any duration, length or type in an open body of water and where each swimmer starts after being touched by the previous swimmer who has cleared the water. Each swim by the individual swimmers is called a Leg of the Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay. Each swimmer must start and finish on land. Each swimmer is referred to in numerical order. That is, Swimmer #1 is the first swimmer to begin the Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay, Swimmer #2 is the next swimmer to swim after the first Leg is completed, Swimmer #3 follows until the last swimmer completes the final Leg.

WOWSA 21.2 – The number of athletes in a Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay must be at least two, but can number as many as desired. The venue can be an ocean, sea, lake, river, channel, canal, fjord, lagoon, estuary, bay, reservoir, dam, lido, rowing basin or any man-made or natural body of water. The athletes must follow the traditional rules that govern their chosen body of water or competition if there is a recognized body that oversees swims in the area (e.g., Channel Swimming Federation or Catalina Channel & Swimming Federation).

WOWSA 21.3 – For a point-to-point Contiguous Solo Crossing Relay to be recognized, each athlete must cross body of water, touch the intended terrestrial finish point, clear the water under their own power and then immediately touch the next swimmer to begin the next Leg. For a circumnavigation of an island or Contiguous Solo Perimeter Swim around the perimeter of a lake, each athlete must completely swim around the course, touch the intended terrestrial finish point, clear the water under his/her own power and then immediately touch the next swimmer to begin the next Leg.

WOWSA 21.4 – For Ice Swims, WOWSA follows the rules and procedures of the International Ice Swimming Association.

WOWSA 21.5 – In Elimination Sprints, the top 50% of the finishers of each heat will advance to the second round. The second round will begin five minutes following the initial swim and the top 50% of those swimmers will advance to round three. This process will continue until there are less than twenty swimmers in the final round. In this round, swimmers will be allowed to start by diving from the starting boat to allow maximal speed.

WOWSA 21.6 – In an open water medley swim, the athlete shall cover the four standard swimming strokes in the following order: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Each of the strokes must cover one quarter of the total distance.


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