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WOWSA 18.0 – Team Pursuit

WOWSA 18.1 – Team Pursuit are races generally can be loop, out-and-back or point-to-point courses open to swimmers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

WOWSA 18.2 – In Team Pursuit, athletes swim closely together with teammates of both genders. The number of members can vary from race to race, but 3 – 4 is generally the most common format.

WOWSA 18.3 – Teammates must start and finish together with each team set off in separate staggered starts. The time between the staggered starts can vary depending on the race.

WOWSA 18.4 – As in cycling, Team Pursuit encourages athletes to form an aquatic peloton and utilize all the requisite drafting, positioning, navigating and pacing skills of open water swimming. Team Pursuit places a premium on drafting, positioning, navigating and pacing. The closer and straighter the athletes swim together, the faster their time will generally be. The athletes can swim as close to one another or as far apart from one another as they wish.

WOWSA 18.5 – Team Pursuit start can on shore at the water's edge, from a fixed or floating pontoon, or in the water.

WOWSA 18.6 – Team Pursuit can be done in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction depending on the course layout.

WOWSA 18.7 – Team Pursuit finish can on shore at the water’s edge, through a finish chute, at a fixed or floating pontoon structure, or indicated by a rope in the water on the water’s surface.

WOWSA 18.8 – The finish time in a Team Pursuit race is the time that the last swimmer of the team crosses or touches the finish line.

WOWSA 18.9 – Each athlete shall have the same team number.

WOWSA 18.10 – If one team catches up to another team, it is their responsible to swim around the slower team. The standard WOWSA rules of open water swimming shall apply at all times. That is, impeding or unsportsmanlike conduct by one swimmer will result in a yellow card or disqualification of the entire team.

WOWSA 18.11 – At any time during the race, impeding other athletes or teams or committing unsportsmanlike behavior is not tolerated and will result in a warning, yellow card or disqualification.

WOWSA 18.12 – Drafting off of other athletes or teams is acceptable and part of the Team Pursuit concept.

WOWSA 18.13 – Age classifications are determined by the Referee or Race Director. Athletes from different registered teams may swim together unless mixed teams are not
allowed by the Race Director. Athletes of different genders may swim together unless not allowed by the Race Director.

WOWSA 18.14 – If the race has gender-separate divisions and a team has one male athlete, then the team will be designated as a male team. Only if a team consists of all females is the team designated as a female team.

WOWSA 18.15 – Local or national regulations on swimsuits shall apply depending on the decision of the Race Director. If there are wetsuit and non-wetsuit divisions and one member wears a wetsuit, then the team will be designated as a wetsuit team. Only if a team has all non-wetsuit swimmers is the team designated as a non-wetsuit team.


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