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WOWSA 16.0 – Stage Swims

WOWSA 16.1 – Stage swims may be conducted in a pool, lake, river, sea, and ocean, point to point, circumnavigation of an island or any other body of water. It may be swum as a solo, relay or a race. There is no minimum distance of each stage. The total cumulative distance may be no less than 25 kilometers. The overall final distance is measured from the starting point to the finish in miles, nautical miles or kilometers. This is measured as the shortest straight line or shortest sum total of a series of lines and not the swimmers course.

WOWSA 16.2 – A stage swim, stage relay or stage race may also be a timed event. They may be more than one day and more than one stage may be swum per day. Each individual stage can vary with location or distance as well as non-continuous and in different bodies of waters. A single stage of a multi-stage swim may qualify for a record. The time between the end of one stage and the start of the next shall be no more than 48 hours. For stage swims greater than one week, the time between the end of one stage and the start of the next shall be 72 hours.

WOWSA 16.3 – If any stage is skipped, substituted, or swam in the reverse direction then the swim would be categorized as a “non-continuous” stage swim.

WOWSA 16.4 – An assisted stage swim uses any device to aid the swimmer whereby the natural dynamics or conditions of the water are lessoned or removed. During an assisted swim the following items may be used: neoprene suit or cap, fins, snorkels, scuba gear, shark cage, submersible drafting boom, jellyfish net, surfboard, hand paddles, neoprene cap, hand paddles, or anything else that may aid the swimmer with better floatation, propulsion, insulation, and lessen frontal resistance or drag. Swimming on the side of a boat to lessen wind, waves, or the current is also considered an assisted swim.

WOWSA 16.5 – Assisted swims do not qualify for any records for any body of water; however they will be given credit for the distance and a time. They are referred to as Assisted Swims. The item(s) used to assist the athlete must be identified and noted in the swimming log by the observer.

WOWSA 16.6 – If an obstacle, man-made or not, such as a dam, waterfall, locks or other is blocking the natural course of the direction of the swim or the athlete, it may be avoided. The athlete may exit safely before and re-enter after the obstacle. The distances avoided will be measured and subtracted from the total distance of the swim. The time will stop when the athlete exits and resume when the athlete starts. This obstacle safety exit will be noted in the Observer’s Report.

WOWSA 16.7 – During a stage relay, if an athlete drops out he may return at a later time. The team may continue without the Retired Swimmer.

WOWSA 16.8 – During any type of stage swim, if an athlete needs to exit due to a dangerous situation, then no penalty shall be levied upon the athlete.

WOWSA 16.9 – If an injury occurs, first aid may be administrated in or out of the water by another person without penalty. Time continues during the administering of first aid.

WOWSA 16.10 – Land mass to land mass swims are measured by the shortest distance between these two points. The distance is measured by a straight line or the shortest sum total of a series of lines connecting these two points. A land mass to land mass swim may take place in a lake, stream, island to island, continent and point to point.

WOWSA 16.11 – The circumnavigation of an island is measured by adding the shortest tangents around the island.

WOWSA 16.12 – Timing begins from the moment the athlete enters the water or swims across the designated start point. For subsequent starts after the first stage, the athlete will start at the exact GPS point previously recorded from the end of the previous stage finish. The athlete starts behind the actual finish point of the previous stage finish. Time starts when the athlete passes over the exact ending point. The latitude and longitude will denote the ending point of each specific stage.

WOWSA 16.13 – The conclusion of any stage swim may be at the same location or a different location than the start. The finish may be in the water or on land.

WOWSA 16.14 – The total cumulative time is the actual time that the athlete or team members spend in the water. This is measured in hours, minutes and seconds. Total time for all stage or relay stage swims is the cumulative total of all stages.
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