Catherine Vogt, Dual Olympic Coach

Catherine Vogt was among the 15 selected nominees for the 2012 World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year that were announced today.

The World Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year honors the woman who (1) best embodies the spirit of open water swimming, (2) possesses the sense of adventure, tenacity and perseverance that open water swimmers are known for, and (3) has most positively influenced the world of open water swimming during the year.

Her nomination from the World Open Water Swimming Association reads, "Day in and day out, early in the morning and late at night, University of Southern California coach Catherine Vogt cares for her athletes with the maternal instincts of a tigeress.

Beneath her perennial stunning smile lies a fiercely competitive nature. Her gorgeous blue eyes miss nothing and express much. The only coach at the 2012 London Olympics to personally coach both a male and female marathon swimming finalist, she went 2-for-2 in the Olympic 10K. Coach Vogt prepares her athletes strategically and tactically in practice so they can execute in the field of play. She exudes confidence that is implicitly understood and utilized by her athletes. With the Serpentine as her chess board, she advised the right moves at the right times for Haley Anderson (silver) and Ous Mellouli (gold). For her dedicated work on a daily basis, for her calm but intense demeanor on a feeding pontoon, on deck or onshore, for her success at the Olympics, Coach Catherine Vogt is a worthy nominee for the 2012 WOWSA Open Water Swimming Woman of the Year."

The 2012 nominees are (listed in alphabetical order of their first name):

1. Ana Marcela Cunha (Brazil), World Professional Marathon Champion
2. Anna-Carin Nordin (Sweden), Oceans Seven Swimmer
3. Annaleise Carr (Canada), Young Marathon Swimmer
4. Catherine Vogt (USA), Dual Olympic Coach
5. Diana Nyad (USA), Xtreme Dreamer
6. Esther Nuñez Morera (Spain), Professional Marathon Swimming Champion
7. Grace van der Byl (USA), Marathon Record Breaker
8. Janel Jorgensen McArdle (USA), Swim Across America President
9. Julia Washbourne (Hong Kong), Eco-Swimming Aquapreneur
10. Karen Gaffney (USA), Swimming Philanthropist
11. Keri-Anne Payne (Great Britain), British Open Water Icon
12. Pat Gallant-Charette (USA), Channel Swimming Late Bloomer
13. Risztov Éva (Hungary), Olympic Champion
14. Shelley Taylor-Smith (Australia), Pioneering Administrator
15. Tina Neill (USA), San Clemente Channel Swimmer

Online voting will take place here at WOWSA until December 31st.

Vogt is a USA Swimming national open water swim team coach and an assistant coach at the University of Southern California. She coaches Haley Anderson, a silver medalist, and Oussama Mellouli, a gold and silver medalist at the 2012 London Olympic Games, as well as coached Chip Peterson to the 2005 world 10 km championship and a number of silver and bronze medal finishes in international competitions. She also coaches a number of other world-class swimmers and Olympians at the Trojan Swim Club in Los Angeles, California with Dave Salo.

Vogt also served as head coach for the 2009 USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Team that competed at the 2009 World Swimming Championships in Rome, Italy where the swimmers won 1 silver medal, 1 bronze, posted five top 10 finishes and finished fourth in the overall team scoring among 36 nations. She served as assistant coach with the USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Team at the 2008 World Open Water Swimming Championships in Spain and was the head coach for USA Swimming National Open Water Swimming Team at the 2008 Open Water test event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics course. She was the head coach for the American team at the 2006 Pan Pacific Open Water Swimming Championships and at the 2007 Pan American Games. She was also the assistant men's swimming coach at the 2007 Pan Am Games where she became the first woman to be named to an American men's team staff at an international competition. She also was an assistant coach at the USA Swimming National Select Open Water camps in 2006 and 2007, as well as at the 2005 World Swimming Championships and at the 2006 World Open Water Swimming Championships.

She has coached age group and senior swimmers that qualified and won medals at the World University Games, Open Water National Championships, World Open Water Swimming Championships, U.S. Senior National Championships, Junior Pan Pacific Games, World Championship Trials, and U.S. Olympic Trials.

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